Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Setting Up Your Candy Buffet Table

So you want to set up a candy Buffet?

For you candy lovers out there having an event! Setting up a candy buffet table is fun and creative. Picture this if you will........ Wonderful colors, yummy candy, hand printed take home bags..... HELLO? Huston are you there? A candy buffet is great, but it is a fixture at an event. It should also be EYE CANDY.

Starting from the table up. Is it a wedding? Do you have a theme? Is it rustic? Inside tables for a wedding start with skirting and tablecloths. Themes could use skirting, maybe black or a color that goes with your theme. Rustic? Will you be using a picnic table or bales of hay? The possibilities are endless, and there are no wrong choices. It just needs to be sturdy and not fall over.

Visit our Pinterest page on Candy Buffet Mistakes.

Lighting: If your candy buffet table is skirted, you could add rope lighting our white xmas lights under it to give it a glow. You can string lights on or around the candy dishes.

Candles: Use battery operated candles ON you candy buffet table. With guests/children leaning over to reach candy, could be a very, VERY bad mix. Long hair, dresses or ties do not mix with fire.

Levels: Use sturdy items such as books, risers, shelves to make different heights for candy containers. Cover with table cloth to hide. Different heights gives your candy buffet table a 3D look.

Jars/Containers: They do not need to be all glass. Or all the same. Mix it up. We had one customer who loved basketball, cut a basketball in half and line with fabric as their bowls. They can be what ever you want, AND if you ask family members, you just might not need to purchase.

Table Looks Empty: You can add pictures in frames, flowers, take home boxes or bags to add different eye catchers to your candy buffet table.

Signage: A sign on your candy buffet with a cute saying, "Love Is Sweet" will invite your guests to partake. (lots to pick from, do a search for candy buffet signs)

When to Open Candy Buffet: If you are serving dinner and do not want your guests to use candy buffet until after dinner. Place tulleing or tablecloth over the top of candy buffet and when it is open, take off.

Candy: Going for an all white candy buffet?, OK, but boring! Mix it up! And don't use other "holiday" candy, guest can tell. Mix up the candy. Colors, Bold, and most of all, YUMMY!

Scoops, Tongs or Ladles: Scoops will scoop candy, tongs for gummy, and ladles for tall containers where a scoop will not reach. Keep in mind that a scoop and hand will need to fit into jar openings. Plus, this is a BIG one. NOBODY wants other peoples hands in their candy.

Don't Forget: Some guests might not be able to eat candy/sugar. Fresh fruit, cheese or sugar free candy will make them happy. Oh, and salty goes with sweet, put out a bowl of chips or pretzels.

Everybody LOVES candy!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Going on a Honeymoon?

So you are going on your honeymoon?

A fast way to receive honeymoon miles/activities from friends and family towards your honeymoon trip. The bride and groom register just like any wedding registry, but the honeymoon gifts help pay for the honeymoon. Friends and family can purchase airline miles that are deposited into the bridal couples honeymoon registry account. Forgo gifts at your wedding and let guests know in your invitations that you are registered at a Honeymoon Registry

Before You Leave Home:
Leave important non-travel papers, such as your social security and credit cards at home. Suspend your newspaper and mail delivery; or have a neighbor collect them for you. Before you head out the door, turn off or unplug any appliance that doesn't need to stay on. Set your lights on timers, in various rooms. Make sure your house looks lived in.

While On Your Honeymoon:
Keep a travel journal. Memories fade over time.
Sun screen or bug spray.
Take lots of photographs.
Relax, have fun, and laugh allot!

If something goes wrong, write it down. Write down the dates and locations, as well as the extra expenses you incur, as well as the names and titles of the people you speak with trying to resolve the problem. Upon your return home, contact the customer service department and ask to be compensated. Read the whole story here:

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's Not Your Grandmas Scoop Anymore.

So you want to purchase Candy Buffet Scoops.

Back in the day there was a scoop and only one scoop. It was a 5 ounce aluminum scoop. You remember them, they were in all the candy bins, grain bins, bulk bins at the grocery store. Well, Dorothy, it's 2016 and things have changed!

Today, there are all types of candy scoops, metal, wood, plastic, acrylic, white, colors, mini, short handles, long handles, they are all here. Clear is nice, but add some spice! or colors!! Add a ribbon on the handle to match your theme or event colors.

Scoops will do just that, scoop. But keep in mind, gummy candy, cheese or sticky candies, scoops can not scoop. Using a tong for these types of candies will work wonderfully.

Tongs are for sticky items. Gummy, cheese, pretzels, meats etc.

Ladles are for tall candy jars / containers where there is a small / skinny opening.

Measure Guide: Click here to see what size candy scoop will work great for your containers. Also quantity control. (wouldn't want to run out of candy)

TIP:Candy buffets are not only for candy! Salty items go GREAT with candy buffets. Also keep in mind your guests. Some might not want candy or can not have alot of sweets. Fresh fruit balls, pretzels, nuts, chips, chex mix, cheeses will make your candy buffet sing.

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So You Want To Dance?

So you want to dance at your event?

Your first dance as husband and wife. Will you dance like you did in high school? Or will you WOW your guests with a few moves? During your first dance at your wedding reception you will have everyone's eyes and attention. What will get your guest hootin', hollering and clapping will be a very simple thing.......

What will that take? Not much, just a few moves. It can be a grand finish with a big "dip", or a few box steps. A couple of dance lessons will do wonders: for one, your footwork, second, your confidence if your not a dancer, three, your guests will LOVE it.

On YouTube, you can watch a few choreographed first dance video's which are tons of fun, but you don't have to go to that extreme.

A wedding reception with friends, family, costs thousands. A romantic, intimate dance between husband and wife, priceless.
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