Friday, August 19, 2016

Bet You Didn’t Know This About Your Favorite Chocolates!

So you LOVE chocolate bars?

If you thought you knew everything about your favorite chocolates, think again. The world of chocolate candy has undergone a huge transformation in the past century or so, and that includes the wrappers too! Early chocolate wrappers had none of the colorful graphics and prints that we associate with modern chocolates and were instead made of basic tinfoil with limited colors and prints. Find out how chocolate manufacturers have changed wrappers to keep up with the growing customer and market demands over the years. Read the full story here:

Personalized candy bars Personalized Hershey's Kisses death by chocolate, what a way to go

Everybody LOVES candy. (blog credit: Cera Packaging)

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Candy Buffets Are Not Just For Candy Any More.

So you want a candy buffet? or Not.

Candy buffets at an event is always a huge hit. But what if you don't want candy? Other types of buffets are gaining ground. Popcorn buffets are becoming quite popular. They are not only fun and tasty, they are now colorful and they won't melt outside.

There are SO many flavors to choose from. Plain popcorn can be the main stay, with shakers of flavors at the ready. Or maybe a little rolling popcorn cart? Cute take home bags that look like ice cream cones or mini paint pails. Oh, Dorothy, the possibilities are endless.

Popcorn balls, colorful popcorn, drizzled with chocolate, kettle corn, butter flavored Jelly Beans, flavored popcorn, caramel corn, zingy-Ranch, take home bags / containers, mini tins, sweet popcorn. Should we go on? We counted 83 styles/flavors using popcorn here.
  • Label each flavor.
  • Provide larger scoops for popcorn, or smaller ones for sampling.
  • Have bags or containers for your guests to fill.
  • Cover popcorn in humid areas. Popcorn absorbs moisture and loose it's crunch.
  • Ask a family member to "man" the popcorn bar, keep things filled and tidy.
  • 2 gallon bag of popcorn will have 32 - 1 cup servings.
  • Purchase a little extra. You do not want to run out.
  • Order early and keep in a cool, dry place to keep fresh.
Make if FUN. Make it eye catching. Make it colorful.
Well, gotta go pop some now.........

Popcorn Buffet, it's not just candy anymore. Popcorn and Fruit.  Popcorn Buffet. Personalized Carmel Corn Wedding Favors.

Everybody LOVES candy.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

You Want a Sand Ceremony

So you want a sand ceremony at your wedding?

wedding sand ceremonyThe Unity Sand Ceremony is known all over the world for its beauty and sanctity. Couples add this ceremony to their weddings as an alternative to the unity candle ceremony because it so elegantly captures the meaning of their two lives becoming one. And it creates a lasting keepsake of that special day.

Using different colored sands, the bride and groom each take turns filling a Unity Vase as they recite their chosen vows. The sand colors can be coordinated with your home d├ęcor, chosen based on colors you love personally or for any other special reason that is meaningful to you. At the end of the ceremony, the vase is taken home and sits atop a shelf, a table or a mantle, beautifully symbolizing the start of your new life together.

If the bride and groom have children, then they would also be included in this ceremony with each having their own color of sand. Family members can also recite special vows as part of the ceremony.

Other types of Sand Ceremonies
Purchase Sand Ceremony Items.

Everybody LOVES candy and Events.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Not Enough? Or Way To Much? Candy That Is.

So you are trying to figure out how much candy you will need?

We get this question A LOT. We wish there was a hard fast rule to this question. Some say 1/4 LB per guest, others say 1/2 LB per guest (1/4 cup per 100 people.) But it's all about the way your candy looks. Plan by how you want the display to look, not how many guests are coming. Having enough candy is crucial in making your candy buffet look good.

Small candy scoops = quantity control. Rule of thumb: Give someone a large scoop, and they will take a large scoop.

Wrapped candies: do not need a scoop. Sticky Candy: (gummy) use a tong. Tall containers: use a ladle.
Be creative! A candy buffet does not have to be all candy. Salty goes with Sweet. Fresh fruit for guests who can't have candy. Popcorn! Visit our FAQ page.

Here is a tip a bride told us: "Take your candy buffet bags/containers that the guests will be taking home with them to your local grocery store and fill them the types of candy you will have for your event. Then weigh them. Multiply by how many guests, then you will get an idea of the pounds."

  • Purchase candy after a holiday when it is on sale. Candy will last if stored correctly. 
  • There are 25 Jelly Belly beans in an ounce, 400 Jelly Belly beans in one pound and 880 Jelly Belly beans in a 2.2 lb, or kilo, bag. All counts are approximate, of course.
  • Friends or family want to help you during your day, assign the job to Aunt Betty, or Cousin Joe. Have them refill when needed, and keep an eye on things. They will have a blast.
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Everybody LOVES candy.

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Candy Buffets are not just for Candy anymore. Mini Candy containers with scoop.  GREAT as a take home favor. Purchase candy by color or flavors.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Children at Weddings?

So you want children at your wedding?

Having children at your wedding can be fun but they can also create havoc at the reception. If you are using younger children as flower girls and ring bearers, you (and their parents) must understand that if a youngster refuses to walk during the processional or cries or throws a hissie fit, don't try to force them. It just is not worth the stress to you, the child, the parents or your guests.

Some ideas for children at the reception:

1. Ask your venue to place a table in the corner. You can supply various activities such as games, puzzles, markers, paper, crayons and small toys to entertain the children. Consider hiring a teenager to engage the children.
2. Offer baby sitting services to the parents. This plan is most effective if you are using a hotel for your reception. Reserve a room and supply movies, games, pizza and enough qualified sitters to care for the children. Parents can enjoy the reception and check on the children as often as they wish.
3. If only a few children will be in attendance, prepare a goodie bag for each one. Make the items age-appropriate and place the bag at each child's seat. They will be delighted to find their surprises and their parents will appreciate your gesture.
4. Some brides put "adult reception" on the invitations and that clearly indicates children should not attend.

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children at your weddingchildren at weddings

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Save Some Wedding Green $$$

So you want to save some green (money that is) ?

Are you looking to save a few greenbacks? If you are, then think of having your wedding on a "off peak" day of the week. Saturdays are at a premium and cost the most. If you change your wedding day to say, a Thursday, you will save money just by uttering the word.

Most wedding vendors will offer discounts for "off peak" days. ALL you need to do is ask. Hotels, Caterers, DJ's, Photographers, Limos and others will make hearts skip a beat when you say "I'm getting married on Wednesday". Mornings can be less expensive then evenings. The month of December is MOST expensive, due to holiday parties and corporate events.

If you're planning your wedding for December, book the date EARLY in the year, January or February are best to beat the rush for those prized weekends. TIP: Verify with your reception venue on how many events are planned for your reception date. Some will book events back to back. For all wedding vendors, get a signed contract and pay with a credit card!

TIP: Check the local happenings around your wedding city..... Airshows, Concerts, Craft Fairs.....many brides have almost missed their wedding ceremony due to traffic jams, no parking or large crowds.
How to cut more costs here.

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What is Lame About Candy Buffets?

So you want a candy buffet?

You know what's lame about candy buffets? Others people's fingers in your candy. Some big, burly guy with mechanic hands. You know the kind. Stuff under their nails. Where have they been? What kind of fun is that? We'll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. You know what is fun? Colorful candy, yummy candy, candy that takes you back, way back, like 10 years old back. AND a scoop in the bowl.

You've spent your time and your money putting together a fun, colorful candy buffet. Your guests have arrived and you notice something. WOW, something way out of whack. They are using their hands! Touching and groping all the candy. Cold chills run down your back.

Who likes other people's hands and fingers all over YOUR food? I know I don't. If candy is wrapped, ok, go ahead and touch it. When it's not? Good lordy.

Did you know that scoops, tongs or ladles are the most forgotten items on a candy buffet? Yes! A few things you should know.


  • candy is wrapped, no need for a scoop.
  • small candy, small scoop. (portion control)
  • larger candies, (kisses) a larger scoop
  • sticky candy, cheeses or gummy = tongs
  • tall containers with long necks = ladle
  • spoons for tiny toppings
  • 2 ounce = 1/4 cup = 48 to 50 regular M&M's in one scoop

You will find all kinds of candy scoops for your candy buffet, and they're not just metal anymore. Add colored scoops, ribbons and bows. Your candy buffet will be fun and yummy, AND your guests will want to take some home.

Everybody LOVES candy.

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Keep your hands out of my candy You should use a tong with that gummy candy!

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