Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What is Lame About Candy Buffets?

So you want a candy buffet?

You know what's lame about candy buffets? Others people's fingers in your candy. Some big, burly guy with mechanic hands. You know the kind. Stuff under their nails. Where have they been? What kind of fun is that? We'll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. You know what is fun? Colorful candy, yummy candy, candy that takes you back, way back, like 10 years old back. AND a scoop in the bowl.

You've spent your time and your money putting together a fun, colorful candy buffet. Your guests have arrived and you notice something. WOW, something way out of whack. They are using their hands! Touching and groping all the candy. Cold chills run down your back.

Who likes other people's hands and fingers all over YOUR food? I know I don't. If candy is wrapped, ok, go ahead and touch it. When it's not? Good lordy.

Did you know that scoops, tongs or ladles are the most forgotten items on a candy buffet? Yes! A few things you should know.


  • candy is wrapped, no need for a scoop.
  • small candy, small scoop. (portion control)
  • larger candies, (kisses) a larger scoop
  • sticky candy, cheeses or gummy = tongs
  • tall containers with long necks = ladle
  • spoons for tiny toppings
  • 2 ounce = 1/4 cup = 48 to 50 regular M&M's in one scoop

You will find all kinds of candy scoops for your candy buffet, and they're not just metal anymore. Add colored scoops, ribbons and bows. Your candy buffet will be fun and yummy, AND your guests will want to take some home.

Everybody LOVES candy.

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Keep your hands out of my candy You should use a tong with that gummy candy!

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