Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Candy Buffets Are Not Just For Candy Any More.

So you want a candy buffet? or Not.

Candy buffets at an event is always a huge hit. But what if you don't want candy? Other types of buffets are gaining ground. Popcorn buffets are becoming quite popular. They are not only fun and tasty, they are now colorful and they won't melt outside.

There are SO many flavors to choose from. Plain popcorn can be the main stay, with shakers of flavors at the ready. Or maybe a little rolling popcorn cart? Cute take home bags that look like ice cream cones or mini paint pails. Oh, Dorothy, the possibilities are endless.

Popcorn balls, colorful popcorn, drizzled with chocolate, kettle corn, butter flavored Jelly Beans, flavored popcorn, caramel corn, zingy-Ranch, take home bags / containers, mini tins, sweet popcorn. Should we go on? We counted 83 styles/flavors using popcorn here.
  • Label each flavor.
  • Provide larger scoops for popcorn, or smaller ones for sampling.
  • Have bags or containers for your guests to fill.
  • Cover popcorn in humid areas. Popcorn absorbs moisture and loose it's crunch.
  • Ask a family member to "man" the popcorn bar, keep things filled and tidy.
  • 2 gallon bag of popcorn will have 32 - 1 cup servings.
  • Purchase a little extra. You do not want to run out.
  • Order early and keep in a cool, dry place to keep fresh.
Make if FUN. Make it eye catching. Make it colorful.
Well, gotta go pop some now.........

Popcorn Buffet, it's not just candy anymore. Popcorn and Fruit.  Popcorn Buffet. Personalized Carmel Corn Wedding Favors.

Everybody LOVES candy.

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